Biogenics Experiences
Kawabe chizuko Tokyo Maxillary Cancer

In May, 4 years ago, my cheek became swollen. It was cancer a third-stage malignant tumor that was the size of a chicken egg. The medical diagnosis was immediate surgery, and removal of the tumor. But to get at the tumor, the surgeon informed me that they would need to remove half my upper jaw. I was so scared, and I only wanted to run away from my fear. Immediately after the diagnosis, I began radiation treatments and a regime of anti-cancer drugs. On the recommendation of a friend, I also began a regular Biogenics treatment. The first month of radiation treatment caused a sever burn to the skin on my cheek above the tumor. The surgery was scheduled to occur two weeks later, but because of the burn, the surgeon postponed to the procedure for an additional six weeks, and I was temporarily discharged from the hospital. During the delay, I continued to take Biogenics as often as permissible. My daughter, who graduated pharmaceutical university, thought the Biogenics treatment was silly, and that it was just healthy food. But I refused to budge, and continued to take Biogenics. Six weeks later, the time for the operation came. I was resolutely prepared for the worst. However, to the amazement of the medical team performing the pre-surgery analysis, the cancer was in remission, and the majority was killed. outright! The doctors determined that a major surgical procedure was no longer necessary to remove the cancer, and that I therefore wouldn’t lose my upper jaw. I am so thankful to Biogenics, and I continue to take it regularly. I am also enjoying what I feel is my second chance at like.