Biogenics Experiences
Reiko Tanaka(female) Chiba-Ken Endometrial Cancer

I was diagnosed with uterine corpus cancer, and in April 2005 it was operated on in a nearby hospital. After receiving the diagnosis, I began an intense regimen of drinking Biogenics Products dissolved in water. I got through the surgery without pain or bleeding and have Biogenics Products to thank for it. Also, after the operation, to prevent future recurrences of cancer, I took 15 doses of an anti-cancer drug. Following this, something strange happened – I had an appetite. My nurse and I were both surprised because patients like me don’t normally regain an appetite so quickly, but I attributed it to Biogenics Products. After three more years of post-surgery treatment, the doctor said the cancer was probably gone for good. It was overwhelming, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to thank Professor Mitsuoka in person at the Biogenics inaugural ceremony.