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Ikuko Ichimura(female) Saitama-KenSigmoid Colon Cancer・Rectal Cancer

In 1987, when I was 49 years old, I was diagnosed with sigmoid colon cancer and had surgery to remove 40 cm of my intestine. Three years later, I was again in excruciating pain because of some intestinal obstruction. My reason for living is climbing, and ironically, my new condition was diagnosed through a routine health examination before a trek across northern Alps in Japan. The diagnosis was a merciless “colon cancer.” After enduring an operation for this, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease. A year after the rectal cancer operation, there were no signs of cancer in that area, but doctors found 3.5 cm of breast cancer. During my fourth operation, my entire left breast and 23 lymph nodes were removed in order to prevent the cancer from spreading. I suffered pain in my left arm, breast, and in my sides. At that point, I was introduced to Biogenics Products and began taking them. I realized four months after my last operation that my pain was gone. I was able to climb the Northern Alps and learn a valuable lesson about trust and the preciousness of human life because of Biogenics Products.