About Biogenics

About Biogenics Kenkyu-kai (Biogenics Workshop)

This ongoing workshop was established by Tomotari Mitsuoka, emeritus professor of the University of Tokyo and international authority on lactic acid bacteria research. Here, the members study Biogenics Therapy, a book written by Professor Mitsuoka, and related research on disease and immunity.

About Biogenics

Since 1996 Mistuoka, emeritus professor of the University of Tokyo, has been advocating a new advance in healthy living: biogenics. Technically speaking, biogenics are ‘food ingredients which beneficially affect the body by directly immunostimulating, suppressing mutagenesis, tumorigenesis, peroxidation, hypercholesterolemia, or intestinal putrefaction. The active ingredients are bioactive peptides including immune--potentiators, flavonoids, and others’. The term ‘biogenics’ was chosen for to acknowledge its difference from probiotics and prebiotics. While probiotics employ live bacteria cultures and prebiotics use non-digestible foods such as fiber to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, biogenics uses dead bacteria cultures to do the work of both.

About Hagemasu-Kai (Support Seminar)

This society was established by Biogenics Workshop members. Its purpose is to both provide emotional support to those suffering from terminal illnesses and to help them better understand the relationship between disease and the immune system. To do this, members share their experiences with disease and the steps they’ve taken to be healthier. One of these steps in particular involves using QOL (Quality of Life), which members also discuss.

About Hagemasu-Kai

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