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Yumiko Ono Chiba-Ken Multiple Myeloma

3 years ago, after I had a medical examination at the Jikei University school of medicine, Notification was multiple myeloma. I see nothing but darkness ahead of me and depressed like “What I am going to do…”. But I made a decision to bet whole my life on Biogenics Products, and I had kept taking vast amount of them for 2 months with doctor’s permission. After 2 months, when I went to make an appointment, a doctor notified “As a result of re-examination, you don’t need to stay at the hospital.” I was genuinely pleased to hear that. 3 years later, I spend only Biogenics life without any medical treatment, but I was pleased to be clearly said that Biogenics Products you drink affects in good way” after I went for re-medical examination because of retiring of doctor in attendance. I keep living with Biogenics Products.