The Key for Healthy Longevity ~Lactic Fermentation Products~
Biogenics Therapy
Tomotari Mitsuoka, Emeritus Professor of The University of Tokyo

Biogenics Therapy by Lactic Fermentation Products

Differences between Fermented Milks, Lactic Drinks, and Lactic Acid Bacteria Products

There are a variety of dairy products using lactic acid bacteria. They are classified and defined by the ‘Ministerial Ordinance Relating to Standards for the Composition of Milk Products, etc. so-called ‘Milk Ordinance’.

A representative of fermented milk products is yogurt. Yogurt is manufactured by fermenting milk with lactic acid bacteria. Fermented milk such as Kefir containing 1 to 3% alcohol is made by adding yeasts. SNF (solid-not-fat) of fermented milk is more than 8% as same as milk. The number of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts is larger than 1x107 /ml.

Lactic drinks are further processed into drink type products by adding sugar and sometimes flavors to fermented milk. They are sub-classified into “lactic drinks” (example: Yakult) and “pasteurized lactic drinks” (example: Calpis). Pasteurized lactic drinks is pasteurized after fermentation, then bottled. SNF of lactic drinks is more than 3%.  The number of lactic acid bacteria and yeast is larger than 1x107/ml as same as fermented milk.  Fermented milk drinks are unique products of Japan and hardly seen in other countries.

Most of lactic fermentation products are manufactured by fermenting soybean materials added raw sugar, etc. for a few days using 3-20 kinds of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts and then concentrated.

  Definition and standards for lactic acid bacteria products are not yet existent.  Concentrated supernatant which are removed microbial cell body by centrifugation is called lactic acid bacteria secretions (example: Chitsuh).  Since they are manufactured by fermentation of lactic acid bacteria for a few days same as lactic drinks, the numbers of viable and dead bacteria after the end of fermentation become more than 1010/ml(Table 1).
 “Kigen" products, “Kigen Tokunoh", and Zen" are called “lactic fermentation products” and different from other products in that their microbial cell body is not removed from lactic fermentation products, and all the fermentation substances are concentrated.  The reason for this is that the effective substances are contained much in microbial cell body and culture media.