The Key for Healthy Longevity ~Lactic Fermentation Products~
Biogenics Therapy
Tomotari Mitsuoka, Emeritus Professor of The University of Tokyo

Biogenics Therapy by Lactic Fermentation Products

Closing Remarks

Daily intake of lactic fermentation products is expected the best method for improvement of physical status by intestinal cleaning and biogenics effects, resulting in prevention, treatment and recovery of various diseases. Although several possible mechanisms by which lactic fermentation products prevent and cure diseases including life-style diseases have been suggested, no perfect explanation has been reached so far. However, the mechanisms will be substantiated by more detailed clinical studies in near future. I recommend you to lean by experience yourself. No side effects are observed with lactic fermentation products. Unlike medical supplies, the effects of lactic fermentation products on diseases do not appear immediately after the intake and is time-consuming. To realize the good effect, a continual intake is needed. Therefore, it is very important that you should not give up the intake, but continue it 1, 2,----5, and 10 years. However, this does not mean that one-sided diet of lactic fermentation products is best for health.

One of the next subjects of the study for healthy longevity is to clarify the participation of the intestinal flora in immunity, allergy, and anti-oxidative activity. These subjects are related to the development and evaluation of functional foods through the clarification of “immuno-stimulation”, “prevention of allergic diseases such as atopy and pollen disease”, and “elimination of oxidation radical”. In view of present status, it is to be expected that functional foods are put to practical use in the area of prevention of life-style related diseases and alternative medicine.

Healthy people naturally have the function of controlling physical condition to maintain bio-homeostasis. However, factors, such as stresses, diseases, aging, etc., cause a fall in bio-homeostasis and are responsible for various disturbances in health. In bio-homeostasis, immune, endocrine and nervous systems constitute separate functional control systems and maintain homeostasis by controlling each other through transmitters. Lactic fermentation products work effectively on the maintenance of bio-homeostasis, and are considered to exhibit spontaneous curing. Therefore, it is expected that lactic fermentation products are positively applied to the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and alternative medicine in the near future.

The most important point in acquirement of healthy longevity is to take care of the daily diet habit, mental relaxation and body movement, and to undergo a periodical medical examination. Especially, stress exerts a marked influence on the intestinal flora, resulting in a decrease in bifidobacteria and an increase in C. perfringens regardless of age. These phenomenon results in that the intestinal environment become worse, and immunological activity is suppressed and cause premature aging and death. It is recommended, for dissolution of stress, that you divert yourself and lead a life worth living every day.