The Key for Healthy Longevity ~Lactic Fermentation Products~
Biogenics Therapy
Tomotari Mitsuoka, Emeritus Professor of The University of Tokyo

Biogenics Therapy by Lactic Fermentation Products

Let’s daily Intake of Lactic Fermentation Products for Maintenance of Health


Healthy people naturally have the function of controlling physical condition to maintain bio-homeostasis. The effects exhibited by functional foods occur through modulation of bio-homeostasis. In bio-homeostasis, immune, endocrine and nervous systems constitute separate functional control systems and maintain homeostasis by controlling each other through transmitters (Fig.9).

Macrophage cell group called phagocytes is seemed to work mainly in the mechanism of maintenance of bio-homeostasis. It is very important to maintain function of phagocytes by immuno-stimulation for maintenance of health. Therefore, it is necessary to take daily functional foods, especially lactic fermentation products, for this purpose.